Want to discover Rabat? There are a thousand ways to do it. Rabat is a coastal town, its coastline unrolls nearly 60 kilometers of the coastline where rocky coves and sandy beaches alternate, and its hinterland offers an ecological diversity ideal for hiking. Rabat is the administrative capital of Morocco with a population of over one million, it is located on the Atlantic and on the south bank of the mouth of Bouregreg, facing the city of Salé, therefore, these two cities are called “Twin cities”. What makes Rabat a tourist destination are its pleasant climate all year round, its privileged location along the Atlantic, its history of exceptional richness, which is embodied in a unique historical patrimony, reflecting the diversity of the Inheritances that have shaped the two shores of Bouregreg over the centuries.
Rabat is one of the only cities that has preserved its historical and cultural heritage. Since June 2012, a number of sites in the city of Rabat have been listed on the Unesco World Heritage as cultural property.
Rabat is a modern city with a more reserved population than in other Moroccan cities, it has many fascinating historical sites to visit, it is also possessed by a modern architecture, a new city is designed by a team of Architects, town planners and landscapers who layed the groundwork for a new urbanism.
This has earned Rabat a city center with high-quality urban and landscape facilities. Rabat is the second largest city in the country after Casablanca.
In recent years, Rabat has become a business center benefiting from the restructuring and reorganization of public administrations as well as the installation of foreign companies and the creation of offshore zones.

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